Own where you rent on day one and have a voice in the way your community is shaped

What is coliving?

︎Coliving is a modern form of communal living, in which residents share facilities and common areas.

Introducing ColivingDAO

We are starting a new coliving movement -
the ColivingDAO - starting with our first community
focused on Web3 professionals and creators in East London.

Why ColivingDAO?

︎Living in London is a tough choice between paying expensive rent and owning nothing at the end of your contract, or raising a large deposit to buy your own place and having large mortgage debt.
ColivingDAO enables renters to become owners on day one, and to have a real voice in how the community is shaped.

How it works

In ColivingDAO, community members become token holders
with a fair share of the wealth generated using tokens, and the power to shape the community using decentralised governance.